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Client Love

Orange County, California


"Leslye came recommended from a family friend, and when I saw her incredible reviews I had to go with her. I was planning a huge Indian wedding and needed help! Immediately after I hired Leslye, she negotiated my contracts and saved me enough money to pay for her fees. And, she took numerous hours of work off my plate, allowing me to focus on only the fun parts of planning a wedding.

Leslye helped me through not one, but TWO reschedules of my wedding due to COVID. On top of that, she helped me move my entire wedding outside when delta variant threw a wrench in my plans. With each major change, she simply got to work and made it happen. My wedding was 8/21/21, and I was so nervous! But, I quickly realized I had nothing to worry about. Leslye brought a whole team of people, including a personal assistant assigned to me for the entire event, and every single detail was taken care of without me lifting a finger. It was the best weekend of my life, and many of our guests said it was the best wedding they had ever attended."

- Alex pujji


"I have to remind myself that Leslye isn't actually my friend... she's just an amazing wedding planner. She managed our 2020 reschedule with total ease and introduced us to our DREAM venue we didn't know existed. She also was also very active in negotiating our venue down on ticky-tacky additions (chairs, draping, etc), protecting our budget. Her vendor connections made the difference! We were able to forgo some of the more traditional stuff, like a big wedding cake and swap it for an ice cream sandwich bar. She managed our families seamlessly and her day-of team is a DREAM — especially Izzy. Leslye made every conversation fun and was really invested in making our day magical.

BONUS: Leslye actually planned my best friend's wedding as well, so I got to see her in action on a different event. As an Indian wedding, she managed even more vendors, distinct religious ceremonies, live animals, artists, a robust media team, AND a day-of vendor conflict. The whole weekend went off seamlessly, and the bride never noticed any issues because Leslye solved them quickly. We are both active members of the Leslye Fan Club."

- Lexi Wan


"Leslye and her team were absolute lifesavers and helped make our wedding day the BEST day ever. After postponing our wedding twice and moving it from New York to California due to COVID, Leslye took what had been a hectic and stressful process and made wedding planning fun and exciting again, and did it all in only five short months. She immediately understood the vision that we had as a couple and helped bring it to life on our wedding day. She was always accessible and had amazing ideas that were major hits with our guests, and she remembered and took care of all the details that I would have otherwise missed. On the day of the wedding, I didn't have to worry about a thing--Leslye and her team had it all taken care of and managed the flow of the day with the utmost professionalism while also being fun. The day turned out better than I could possibly have imagined, and that was thanks in no small part to Leslye and her team. Thank you for making this truly the best day of our lives as a couple thus far. To anyone reading this, do yourself a favor and call her now!!! Working with her was hands down the best decision I made during my 2+ year engagement. THANK YOU LESLYE AND TEAM!!!"

- Sarah Egan

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